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Web Blox is a revolutionary website creation and management tool that is simple, fast and fun to use.

Create and control your own website in just minutes! You don’t need to know web programming or design. You don’t need to install any software. Just open your web browser and starting building your website now.



Click-and-drag your web pages into existence.
Creating web pages is fun and easy to do. Just drag the "Add New Page" bar into your site structure and you've got a new page.
See it in action!
Copy-and-paste words right into your pages.
Type right into your pages. Watch your website come to life as you type into your web pages. What you see is what you get.
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Point-and-click your perfect site design.
Web Blox helps you get started with design themes you can really use. Flip through the thousands of designs to find your style.
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Drag-and-drop your logo right into place.
Adorn your new site with your company logo to make it uniquely yours. Your logo integrates with any of the designs.
See it in action!
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